I am or have been working on a number of little software projects, at various times. Here I post projects that are smallish, but still might be useful for some.


Wonderwall isn't available for download, but i thought it rather fun. I wrote this little app to test out DMX-512 on the EasyLase USB card. It consists of a little Cocoa app, and obviously a version of the libEasyLase that supports DMX. I wrote all about it on the blog.


MOVE is a small AppleScript Studio app that enforces logout of unattended publicaly accessible machines. It prompts the user with a standard prompt, but should the timer expire, it sends SIGTERM to loginwindow, forcing log out, such that the log out process can't be canceled by unsaved document prompts, etc.

Download MOVE v1.4 (Universal):


Adium Xtra Calendar Events

Calendar Events is an AppleScript Xtra for the Adium Instant Messaging Client.

Calendar Events is script that replaces the token "%_events" with things that are going on today, or happened in history.


Algernon is a keyboard-based launcher that provides lightning quick access to categories, classes, morphs, and global variables in Squeak. Check it out on the blog.


I have contributed significantly to the BCFG2 project at Argonne National Laboratory in the Mathematics and Computer Science division.

Darwin ISO-Latin-1 Font

I converted the Darwin console font from the source bitmaps in the XNU source to a TrueType font usable on the Mac. I really needed the perfect font for a fullscreen terminal and well--this was amusing.

Download Darwin ISO-Latin-1 Font (TrueType):