Subjectivity is a mailbundle plugin for Apple's that helps prevent against accidentally sending e-mail messages from that lack a subject line. When you attempt to send a message without a subject line, a sheet appears presenting you with options to use a suggested subject line, edit the message manually, or send anyway. The subject line that is suggested will be the beginning of the body, or a list of attachment names should there be some.

For additional mail plug-ins I recommend tikouka's Apple Mail Plug-ins and Tools page and Hawk Wings' Plug-ins and add-ons list.

I was greatly guided by James Eagan's tutorial in the authoring of this mailbundle.

Known Bugs:

  • Some users have reported subjectivity inserting MIME garbage instead of summary; Currently trying to reproduce
  • Subjectivity is not compatible with Leopard 10.5 (nor is it necessary in Mail 3.0)

Version History

1.0.1: Improved Installation Process.
1.0: Initial Release.

Download Subjectivity 1.0.1:

Download Subjectivity v1.0.1 (Universal):