Today I had a great time going to Maker Faire in San Mateo. It really is inspirational for one's own projects to see other neat work being done.

I'm currently busy working on a couple of things, but I realize it has been a while since I've posted updates on anything I've done. Back in September of last year I put together a DMX-512 level converter breakout board for my EasyLase USB.

I'd previously ported and debugged the DMX portion of the driver for the board just using TTL level loopback adapters. I also went on to build the Wonderwall project using the DMX output of the EasyLase, but the level shifter and RS-485 transceivers were all on a solderless breadboard. That needed to be corrected. :)

I'm rather proud of the size of the board--especially being made of all through-hole components. It neatly plugs in to the existing headers, and I think it looks right at home where it has been mounted on the board. All the schematics to build one for yourself are available on the Müller Elektronik website. Enjoy!