A few weeks ago the most adorable little Päckchen arrived on my doorstep from Germany. Inside was the EasyLase USB interface by JM Laser. The EasyLase is a USB device that has a 25-pin ILDA compatible DB-25 connector to output analog signals for laser projectors. It incorporates 12-bit DACs for the X-Y channels for superior resolution.

First output on Oscilloscope

In testing so far, it seems like it is going to be great, but there is plenty of coding to do yet to achieve the greatest performance. The card has plenty to give, and extra features like DMX512 In/Out--one less thing I need to buy!

Thus far, because the projector isn't quite finished yet, I've been testing with a Tektronix 2440 Oscilloscope. My friend Sean helped code a 3d Torus demo. It worked quite well, but I'm still having trouble with FTDI's D2XX driver for OS X version 0.1.0, perhaps the next version will solve some of the problems I'm having. Specifically, read and write calls are hanging when I know they shouldn't.